Woman Crashes Car Into Airport Fence After Leading Cops On Chase

Dashcam footage recorded the moment a female driver who was being chased by cops crashed into a perimeter fence of an airport.

The accident took place around 1.15 AM near Northwest Military Highway in Castle Hills, Texas on Thursday (19th August).

According to authorities, the woman entered a closed business parking lot behind a building, with the lights off and when officers approached her car, she accelerated.

The woman who looked suspicious was followed by officers from the Northwest Military Highway to Wurzbach Parkway then to Blanco Road and then to West Avenue and Rhapsody Street, where she eventually crossed a bridge and entered an airport fence.

Officers said they initially thought they might be stuck in the vehicle after the crash, but the woman managed to get out of a door on the passenger side.

Police in Castle Hills has arrested the woman for evading charges and are trying to find out exactly why she fled.

The woman was not seriously injured in the accident and the air traffic was not affected by the crash.

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