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Man Face-Plants On The Pavement After Being Whacked By Wild Boar

This is the moment a man face-plants on the pavement after being knocked over by a runaway wild boar.

The animal was one of several that made its way into the centre of the south-eastern Chinese province of Fujian on the afternoon of 16th April.

Shortly before the man was knocked over, another of the balls was seen having smashed its way through a glass window into a store and then banging his head on another pane of glass as it attempts to leave the shop when a second boar runs past outside.


According to the news site The Paper, in total four wild boars came into the city from the nearby mountains and went on the rampage including the one that smashed its way into the store.

Reports said that the police were called to the scene to intervene, however there was no further information as to whether they rounded up the four boars or managed to force them back towards the mountains.

In the footage, a stocky wild boar is seen running along the pavement past a row of parked motorcycles and several men talking outside a shop.


As the boar rounds the group of men, it runs into the path of an oncoming pedestrian and knocks the man off his feet.

The pedestrian is then seen falling forwards and face-planting the tarmac.

Meanwhile, the group of men springs to their feet and one of them even chases after the boar.


At the end of the clip, the fallen man is seen lifting his head and about to get to his feet when the footage ends.

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